Friday, March 28, 2008

Fierce Grace

God's messenger talks about the movie - "Fierce Grace: The Story of Ram Dass" at Conversations with God - A blog by Neale Donald Walsch.

He writes that Ram Dass (a.k.a. Dr. Richard Alpert, born April 6, 1931) talks about "the power of God (and the process of personal creation; i.e, we create our own reality) to bring about healing of any condition.":

Healing is not, after all, the same as 'curing'
Healing does not mean going back to the way things were before,
but rather, allowing what 'is' now
to move us closer to God.

That is Fierce Grace!


Krishna. N. C. said...

Dear Amarendra Ji,
My warm hello to you:))Thank you so much for your kind words on my blog! I am so glad to know fact, i had a glance on all your various blogs(each a soul's delight)and i didnt know where to comment ;)So it was finally this one that caught my attention..
I am sure going to visit you very often and it would be a complete blessed experience to join you in this journey to Him :))
I just kind of thought to take a break for few weeks but couldnt resist checking your blogs!!
You take good care of yourself. Its such bliss to share life and this Path with like-minded souls like you :)
I loved this post..Knowing you is all His Fierce Grace ;))Whats say?!
God bless you! My Love and prayers for you :)

Amarendra said...

Thank You! Such Kind words! Such Grace! You are God's Truest Expression! Such a sincere and humble seeker! You are already ONE with God!

What can I say about this MOMENT of our meeting? This Fierce Grace:-) A spontaneous expression of Infinite Love!

Let us hand it over to Da Avabhasa:

THIS MOMENT is the moment of reality, of union, of truth.

Nothing needs to be done to it or to you for this to be so.

Nothing needs to be avoided, transcended, or found for it to be so.