Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Easy Enlightenmnent!

Difficulties- A Help for Realization: 'Goddess' Krishna shares Mother's thoughts:

So this habit of cringing, of getting discouraged
or even feeling uncomfortable,
or of abusing and telling yourself :
" There! Again I have made a mistake "
- all that is absolute foolishness.
Simply tell yourself :
" We dont know how to do
things as they ought to be done ;
well, they are being done for us,
come what may!"
And if we could see
to what extent all that seems to be,
yes, a difficulty, a mistake, a failure,
an obstacle- all that is just to help us,
so that the Realization is clearly understood.
Once you know that,
everything becomes easy.

An Easy path towards enlightenment?

Read it all at Difficulties- A Help for Realization.


Krishna. N. C. said...

Dearest Amarji,
I am left speechless by the love and kindness you have offered to me :) Thank you so much!
Well, i am so unworthy of the wonderful title that you have used! (Gone red in the face)Its actually very undeserving!!
Thank you once again for your generosity and sharing this beautiful article by The Mother :))
I sincerely hope all those who read,benefit from it immensely :)
Sending you my humblest Salaam, Love and Prayers for a Luminous Soul :)
May you radiate His Light eternally to all souls who come in contact with you :)

Amarendra said...

Dearest Krishna,

I am overwhelmed to see your humility!

From your blog I can see that you have transformed yourself from 'grappling' life's issues to a level of mastery!

You probably do not realize that you are ready to take yourself to the next level as a powerful spiritual being!

You have a very powerful aura...you can and should do more....for example, help implement some of your 'enlightening' thoughts in the lives of people around you.....I am sure you must be doing it - impacting people & events in day-to-day life....so, how about sharing some of that in your blog or elsewhere...simple souls like me can then be inspired to "radiate His Light eternally to all souls who come in contact."

What say!